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What is Steadfast?

Steadfast is the easiest way to build and manage an on-demand customer community for product research: Read more.


Stay on Budget

UX mistakes are 100x cheaper to fix at the ideation phase, and 10x cheaper to fix during the design phase.

Meet Your Deadlines

Steadfast Messenger offers 5x the feedback in 1/3 of the time compared to surveys and email outreach.

Flexibility and Savings

Long-term research relationships with customers allow you to change your research focus any time at a fraction of the cost.

All your research in one place

Never lose insightful feedback again. Steadfast keeps all your research safe in the cloud so you can access it at work and on-the-go.

Steadfast is a great product we used to validate product concepts with our users.
I'd highly recommend Steadfast to any product team that wants to learn more about what their users want.

Michael H.OkGrow

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